Get it know us

Who We Are?

  • A trusted partner for high-stakes learning programs.
  • Agile learning consultants with a knack for design and creativity.
  • A community diverse in thought, backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Simulations are not just a buzzword to us; we were created to do this.

Who We Are Not?

  • Basic presentation of facts and content as a substitute for truly meaningful interactive learning experiences.
  • Boring click next e-learning that gives the term a bad rap.
  • Instructors reminiscent of old Arabian teachers.
  • Rigid designers that prescribe the same solution for every learning challenge.

What We Do?

When we begin on a project, we hold a design workshop to determine exactly what you want out of our partnership. We gather all the intel we can before we start in, and then formulate the right solution for your unique challenge and audience. Collaborating with your subject-matter experts, our designers distill your content into the best format for your learners so that the learning experience makes a real impact. We are not locked into a prescribed process, so we can be agile in our approach and give each project the individual attention it deserves.

Our Mission

Inspire core competency is the provision of Consultancy & Training to achieve measurable improvements in People, Performance & Profits.

Our Vision

To promote and enhance competency through practical programs, events, consultants and integrated solutions that reflect the latest thinking.

Our Values

Plugged into our culture, our common values shine through.
Want to know what makes us tick? These are the principles that we as Inspires hold dear, and theyre at the core of everything we do.


We are true to ourselves and our unique experiences, bringing together our diversity, talents, and passions to make each other and our company better.


We pioneer new possibilities, embrace the unknown, and nurture a collaborative and flexible environment for forward thinkers.


We anticipate and respond to challenges with speed and thoughtful consideration.


We foster participation that empowers and affects positive change for our employees, locality, and society.

Client Commitment

We earn the enduring trust of our clients by creating transformative learning experiences that deliver results and growth.

Our Team

Our work is different because we are different.

Our varied backgrounds, talents, and passions make Inspire an exciting place to work. We are competency creators, game enthusiasts, designers, musicians, athletes, and tech geeks. But we just call ourselves Inspires.

Our Specialties

Designed for Adult Learners:

Spanning many different industries and modalities, our learning solutions are built with the adult learner in mind.

Improve Performance:

We design solutions that ensure the learner actually applies new knowledge and skills.

Active Learning Experiences:

We believe that experience matters. Giving your learner the chance to put into practice what they learn is fundamental to our approach. No rote memorization or walls of text here