Leader-Accelerator Studio

Date: 29/03/2017
Timing: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Format: Workshop
Certificate Body: ITC, KUWAIT
Schedule: Corporate
Frequency/Week: 1
Duration: 8 Hrs.
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One Day Leader-Accelerator Studio

Studio: a place where people go to learn, practice or study an art

Ability to reinvent is only as good as the people involved – especially the leaders.  Successful leaders in this Age of Disruption are highly energized front-runners who help the enterprise and the people in it to adjust their attitudes, skills, tools, knowledge, behaviors, decisions and actions faster than the revolution rapidly approaching – or already happening.   We call these people Leader-Accelerators because they help other employees to move faster than they ever thought possible and pivot more quickly in the direction of victory.  Leader Accelerators course-correct the shared energy of the group while also increasing its speed and magnitude.

This one-day studio, focused on the individual, builds strength and agility in the tools and traits characteristic of leaders who aspire to be Leader Accelerators. This intensive learning experience is based on highly practical concepts, approaches and instruments found in the prize-winning book Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption.  Only people willing to look at themselves and accept that they have room for improvement need attend because the day is designed for intensive self-assessment, self-reflection and self-learning; which will then be converted into self-sustaining action plans for personal growth and change.  Faculty and fellow students provide feedback and coaching in support of that mission.  The day is more experiential than theoretical – very hands-on.

The day starts with an examination of what a winning mindset is and further builds on that with the use of a scientifically validated self-assessment that measures one’s own mindset and that provides actionable advice on how to stretch one’s awareness and abilities in new directions.   Since leadership requires the trust and confidence of others, the workshop also helps participants take practical steps to boost their personal reputation as leaders in the form of their leadership brand.  Key to sustaining momentum over time as a Leader-Accelerator is personal energy: The studio provides solid advice on lowering stress and boosting energy through stress reduction methods involving mind and body developed at Harvard Medical School.

 This studio will:

  • Provide practical advice on how to build the mindset of a Leader Accelerator.
  • Develop whole brain thinking to increase mental flexibility.
  • Re-examine one’s current level of influence in the organization in order to increase it.
  • Assess oneself against the 10 Attributes of Reinvention Champions.
  • Understand the five dimensions of energy and assess opportunities to boost them while reducing stress and increasing health.


  • Highly interactive.
  • Large group discussion.
  • Small group discussion.
  • Video.
  • Experiential.
  • Applied.

Design Outline



Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs

 The Exponential Power of Leader Accelerators · Experiential activity to lay out the qualities of truly prepared and exceptional leadership.

· Brief discussion of historical examples (compare and contrast) from polar exploration to space exploration to the Navy SEALS.

· Goal Setting.

· Mental rehearsal.

· Self-Talk.

· Self-Management.

· Training and Conditioning.

· Equipment and Gear.

 Adopting Effective Leader Sets Self-case study that makes clear that a Leader Accelerator integrates a complex set of traits that begins with mindset and that then is made actionable with specific skills, tools and behaviors. · Identifying potential mind-set distortions; finding strategies with which to correct them.

· Identifying outdated skill sets; finding strategies to correct them.

· Identifying new and more powerful tools than one is currently relying on.

· Identifying behavioral upgrades, improvements or additions.


Leveraging Whole Brain Thinking



· Debrief and analysis of whole brain Self-assessment done as pre-work.

· Action planning in small groups with peer coach and faculty.



Hold a mirror up to my own thinking and believing preferences: strengths, blind spots, areas for growth and plans to do so.


Enhancing My Leadership Brand

· Answer the question: What makes me distinctive as a leader in the eyes of the organization?

· How can I increase my influence as a leader to help the organization to change in positive ways?

· Describe the impact you want to have: what traits do you need to bring forward for that to happen?

· How will you be better known and trusted for them?

 Being a Reinvention Champion Create a 1-Week, 1-Month, 1-Year plan for personal growth and change. Short term, medium term and long term plans for personal growth – in a fast changing world.
 Sustainable Energy To sustain energy as a Leader Accelerator, tend to 5 specific areas as evaluated in a self-test:

· Diet.

· Exercise.

· Relationships.

· Work.

· Spirit.

· Develop a holistic sense of self-care to reduce stress, maintain energy, and keep values and priorities straight in life as well as work.

· Imbalance will eventually derail even the hardest working, most dedicated Leader Accelerator.

· The section based on course work at the Herbert Benson Mind Body Institute at Harvard Medical School.

 CLOSE Commitments. Sharing of individual learning and resolutions.
Post Class Follow-up Weekly articles, podcasts, ideas via email for 10 weeks. Keep the love alive; keep the ideas flowing; reinforce the learning; provide tools for on-going application.

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