Administrative and Technical Skills for Executive Secretary

Date: 08/04/2018 - 11/04/2018
Timing: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Format: Learn-Based Training
Certificate Body: ITC, KUWAIT
Schedule: Regular
Frequency/Week: 5
Duration: 25 Hrs.
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Administrative and Technical Skills for Executive Secretary



  • Executive secretaries of the 21st Century require knowledge, skills and abilities that are closely aligned to many of those of their executive bosses. They are required to have problem solving abilities and the initiative to think on their feet while juggling many balls all at the same time and without dropping any! The Professional Skills for Executive Secretaries will strengthen your current skills with a powerful, direct approach to ensure the achieving of personal effectiveness in the business environment.

Course objectives

  • Develop a highly professional image and attitude.
  • Grow your interpersonal relationships by communicating clearly and concisely.
  • Understand cultural and communication barriers and how to overcome them.
  • Manage time to improve efficiency.
  • Exceed client’s needs and expectations.
  • Help create systems that streamline processes and improve record maintenance and filing.
  • Arrange all travel arrangements and itineraries.
  • Ensure that you take ownership of yourself, your job and your future.
  • Apply the process and effective delegation techniques delegation.
  • Apply empowerment and motivation techniques.
  • Develop a tool kit of problem solving and decision making skills tailored-made to different situations.
  • Apply proactive management styles.
  • Create team spirit among his staff and a hygienic work environment.

Course duration

  • 4 days

Course Outlines

Day (1):

  • Developing a Professional Approach
  • First impressions – lasting impressions
  • Projecting a positive image and attitude
  • Understanding your role and your unique work environment
  • Proactive vs. reactive behavior – attitude and accountability
  • Reliability, getting it right the first time
  • Consistency and dependability
  • Issues of confidentiality
  • Effective Business Communication Skills
  • Become a professional communicator
  • Overcoming barriers to communication
  • Establishing and maintaining effective business relationships
  • Improving listening skills – understand what you have heard
  • Understanding your manager/s and your own personality type
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Becoming a successful team player – working together

Day (2):

  • Managing Time for Improved Efficiency
  • Apply the Time Management Matrix – urgency and importance
  • Coordinating busy schedules – managing your own and other people’s time
  • Balancing the demands of more than one manager
  • Using and maintaining an effective diary system
  • Create a prioritized ‘to-do’ list according to difficulty and time frame
  • Responsiveness, promptness – a sense of urgency
  • Meeting deadlines, feedback and follow-up
  • Service Excellence for Internal and External Clients
  • Adopting a professional approach to clients
  • The concept of courtesy – building customer relationships
  • It’s all about people – client needs and expectations
  • Measuring client service – setting standards
  • Positive and professional telephone language
  • Wow! Service – Going the Extra Mile

Day (3):

  • Organizing Business Travel Arrangements
  • Organizing travel bookings – flights, car hire and accommodation
  • Confirming travel arrangements and changing plans if required
  • Checklists and travel itineraries
  • Processing expense claim documentation after travel
  • Filing systems for easy referencing
  • Maintaining Files and Records
  • Organizing and establishing efficient systems
  • Understanding and utilizing effective manual and electronic filing and storage systems
  • Document tracking
  • Keeping up-to-date with current filing trends

Day (4):

  • Taking Ownership of Yourself, Your Job and Your Future
  • Delegated tasks: taking ownership
  • Motivation
  • Set personal goals for improvement – Personal Action Plan